Why not?

Will you ever wear your wedding dress again? If you absolutely cannot fathom ruining your dress, we can help you find another wedding dress to wreck! Contact us for ideas on where to get a second gown at a fraction of the original cost. Let's Go! Wreck your dress!


What do you like to do? What have you always wanted to do? Where do you want to go?
Want to play in the ocean? Ride your Harley? Go hiking? Skydive?

Who: All women!

This is not just for brides. The idea started as a way to make unique and unbelievable bridal portraits. We want to go further. We want to celebrate all women. Let's celebrate you! Let's celebrate your life! You are beautiful and fun and exciting. And we don't want you to ever forget that. Divorced? Let's torch that dress! Never married? Let's go and take some fun shots of you, gorgeous! Bridesmaid? You know that expensive dress is just sitting in your closet waiting to get ruined. Just want to have a fun and crazy one-of-a-kind day out with the girls? We've got packages for you, too! Check it out!


We are located in the Los Angeles area, but are happy to travel anywhere and everywhere.